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Our History

Few people realize the large number of County Mutual Insurance Associations that are around the state of Iowa and the strong, positive social and economic impact they have made in their communities over the last 150 years.

County Mutual Insurance Associations are local property insurance companies. Policyholders own and control their local company through an elected board of directors. Annual policyholder meetings are held each year for the purpose of electing directors, reviewing annual financial results and discussing any other business to prepare for the future.

Jefferson County Mutual was originally founded in 1865 under the name of Swedish Mutual Insurance. It was started by a small group of Swedish people for their mutual protection against fire, lightning, tornados and wind storms. As the group realized that their neighbors also needed mutual protection, the group continued to grow as more members joined. In 1920 the group incorporated under the laws of the state of Iowa.

Over the years Jefferson County Mutual, Germanville Mutual and Swedish Mutual all merged their business together to form one larger, stronger company.

In 2014 they decided to change their county mutual status to a 518A state mutual which allowed them to expand their writing territory to 17 counties. This change gave them the opportunity to serve more people and spread their risk over a broader territory, thus helping to protect their financial security. This new state mutual status also required them to adopt a new mutual name — JCM Mutual Insurance Association.

Since those early years, County Mutual Insurance Associations have survived through good and bad years providing stability and security to policyholders. Unfortunately, many large stock companies have been in and out of the farm business depending on the profitability of the business. County Mutuals have always been in for the long term. Millions of dollars have been paid in claims to local policyholders, helping restore their property and strengthening local economies. JCM Mutual has placed reinsurance and combination policy agreements with Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company, an A rated company by AM Best and is a leading reinsurance carrier in the Midwest.

Our strong membership and financial security are leading us strong into the future for many years to come.

JCM Mutual Insurance Association
50 S. 4th St.
Fairfield, IA 52556
(641) 472-2136